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Delta Partners has a wide range of simulations available that allow us to enhance training effectiveness by coupling learning with hands-on experiential practice.  We have developed a market-first, online life cycle of a trade simulation.  Delta Partners uses multiple different provider for trading, credit risk and portfolio management simulations.  These simulations are built to be a mirror of reality yet provide significant educational value. Simulations add a competitive element to programs by providing an engaging, interactive environment. 

Delta Partners can tailor these simulations to meet your specific requirements.  Our consulting trainers are subject matter experts and can ensure the simulations provide cutting edge, realistic market scenarios. Each of these simulations have a unique debriefing function to allow participants to analyze their actions and behaviors, to explore areas of improvement and adjustment.  Our simulations are excellent tools for training purposes as they focus not only on end-results, but also on behavior and thinking processes during a simulation. In a debriefing session following each simulation we analyze your quantitative result, as well as have a qualitative discussion about activities during the simulation. This allows for identification of strengths as well as areas for improvement.  Simulations can be run solely or as teams to allow for group intensive exercises.

The simulations are designed to elucidate topics and provide specific learning objectives.  If you want to give your clients or employees hands-on experience in various activities of a financial institution, using our simulations is your best solution. In-house technology requirements are minimal as the technology is server based off-site.

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